Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have teamed up with Brittani of Custom Cakes by Britt for a really great giveaway! Im so excited about it! The winner will recieve a birthday photo shoot and a custom made birthday cake. This is awesome for your kiddos! You have from today Saturday Novemer 6th to 9pm Saturday November 13th to enter. Its super simple to enter, this is how....

1. Like both of our Facebook pages (Madsen Photography and Custom Cakes by Britt). Just liking the page doesnt get you an entry, it just makes it so you can post comments. You have to do steps 2 & 3 to get entries in the giveaway.

2. Leave a comment on my Facebook page (Madsen Photography) about why you love my photos:) This will give you 1 entry.

3. Leave a comment on Brittani's Facebook Page (Custom Cakes by Britt) about why you love her cakes:) This will give you 1 entry (a total of 2).

For extra entries...

Leave a comment on my Blog in this post and leave a comment on Brittani's Blog . This will give you two more entries, a total of 4!!

Pass this on to your friends too! After you have done all of this post a link to this giveaway on your FB page for your friends to see:)


  1. Thanks for taking such great photos of my twin boys. Photographing babies isn't an easy task and you did a wonderful job. I liked the props you brought to help make my boys look even cuter in the photos. I was amazed at how quickly you were able to edit the photos and get the CD out to me. Thanks again!

    Kristin Armfield

  2. Liz I love all your photos. You truely have an amazing talent.

  3. You did an amazing job during my families photo shoot even though Maecyn was not to interested. But I still love the shots that you got of him, that was a memorable day for us! Thank you for this experience.

  4. I haven't looked at your photos before this...they are beautiful!!! You are amazing, Liz!

  5. Well i really would love to get the birthday giveaway!!...I like you pics because of the seems that it does not matter what the pose is ...the colors help it to look just amazing. Thanks again :)